The Young are Ditching Religion for Astrology and Tarot Cards

From MarketWatch, a division of the Wall Street Journal: “Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology.” The article is interesting, but a mixed bag when it comes to credible claims. It says “more than half of young adults in the U.S. believe astrology is a science.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the reporter was among them.

“The psychic services industry — which includes astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading and palmistry, among other metaphysical services — … is now worth $2 billion annually.” That’s roughly the revenue of the world's largest scientific publisher: “In 2010, Elsevier’s scientific publishing arm reported … just over £2bn in revenue” (here). But it is spit in the ocean compared to the money raised by religion.  

The article contains numerous testimonials and near-testimonials like this: “Astrology has been debunked by numerous academic studies, but Banu Guler, co-founder of artificial intelligence powered astrology app Co—Star said the lack of structure in the field is exactly what drives young, educated professionals to invest their time and money in the practice.”

Basically, our schools are doing a poor job of teaching the underlying concepts of science and rationality. The young seem to have concluded that religion, astrology, tarot, etc., are basically all the same sort of crap. But since religion is full of pious, authoritarian assholes, and is responsible for loads of child abuse, not to mention President Donald Trump, why not switch to some alternative? Given that you are willing to abandon rationality, why not?


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