Pope Reveals Inside Information about Satan

The headline from the Catholic News Service: “Devil destroys overtly or slyly by pretending to be a friend, pope says.” Pope Francis warns that Satan is “slier than a fox,” and most dangerous when he “puts on a friendly face.”

According to Pope Francis, this friendly fiend “knocks on the door, ‘Hello? May I come in?’… These well-mannered demons are worse than the first because you don’t realize that you have them there at home, [inside oneself]… So often I ask myself, which is worse in a person’s life,’ the devil trapping people into obvious sin, …or a well-mannered devil who ‘is at your table, lives with you and all seems normal, but he makes insinuations and possesses you with the worldly spirit?”

Pope Francis contrasts the “obvious sin” caused by the old Satan with the “worldly spirit” implanted by the “friendly-faced” demon. Pope Francis actually claims that this “worldly spirit” is worse than obvious sin – including, presumably, obvious crimes. This is an astonishing claim. It contradicts many of Jesus’ teachings, not to mention Scripture. While Jesus told people to focus on the kingdom of God rather than on earthly matters, he denounced sin, and condemned those who taught others to ignore biblical commandments.

Consider an avuncular, smiling figure who becomes CEO of an institution riddled with pederasts and managers who aid and abet their pederasty. Although the institution is in crisis, this “friendly-faced” CEO does nothing about its sinners and criminals, but instead creates a “special commission” to study the “problem.” This CEO continues to smile amiably for more than five years while his special commission does nothing. Only when his organization is found guilty of hundreds of more crimes does he respond. Then he says that the problem does not lie within his organization, but with that old-fashioned version of Satan. What do you do with such a “friendly-faced” demon? What do you do with an institution riddled with such evil and crime?


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