Hong Kong Cardinal Questions Vatican’s China Treaty

The headline: “Cardinal Zen: The Vatican Is Badly Mishandling China Situation.” He claims the agreement between the Vatican and China “is a step toward the ‘annihilation’ of the Catholic Church in China.” Apparently, in his eagerness to access China’s market, Pope Francis not only threw Taiwan under the bus, he also threw the real, ‘underground’ Catholic Church in China under the bus.

Cardinal Zen thinks that Pope Francis doesn’t understand the way China works. The Pope often seems ill-informed. Recall several months ago when he condemned the press for their “calumny” against a Chilean bishop he insisted was innocent, only to have his advisor present him with 1500 pages documenting the bishop’s guilt.

In any case, there are two Catholic Churches in China. One is run by the Chinese State, and the other is an “underground” Church loyal to Rome, which is technically illegal and subject to persecution. Pope Francis apparently believes that his agreement with China merges the two and legalizes the “underground” Church. But Cardinal Zen claims it doesn’t, and that the real, “underground” Catholic Church remains subject to persecution and “annihilation.”

It sounds plausible to me, and Zen is certainly in a position to know. Pope Francis has apparently committed himself to blessing a state-run version of the Catholic Church. But on the positive side, the Chinese Catholic Church probably won’t have to cover up as much pederasty.


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