Vatican uses Sovereignty to Obstruct Justice

Headline in CRUX: “Vatican cites immunity in refusal to send French court summons to CDF prefect.” A French court issued a summons to Cardinal Ferrer, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF – formerly, the Office of the Inquisition) regarding a case against a French cardinal charged with covering up child abuse. The Vatican refused to honor the court summons, claiming diplomatic immunity.

Pope Francis has repeatedly stressed the need for transparency, especially in cases concerning child abuse. As usual, this was just PR. For example, Pope Francis never provided transparency regarding the Vatican’s huge data base about child abuse. Now, when the French courts seek testimony from one of Pope Francis’ key aides, he actively obstructs justice. Not only did he prevent Cardinal Ferrer from testifying in person, he apparently prevented any written interrogatories as well.

CRUX, which reported many of Pope Francis’ calls for transparency, seems to have developed a case of amnesia. Still worse, the mainstream press has completely ignored this – even while reporting case after case of priestly abuse and Church cover-ups. Not only does no one attempt to hold the Pope accountable, they even collaborate to cover up his intransigence. I’m not sure if they are simply doing this out of habit, or if they have ulterior motives. But I suspect the Catholic laity might actually appreciate criticism of papal intransigence, even if the usual culprits complain about persecution.


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