New Scam from Clergy

Normally, when it comes to innovative scams, we expect evangelical ministers to surpass all others - especially Catholic priests, who generally prefer other vices. But in the heart of the Bible Belt, we find a priest has beat the competition: “Feds: Priest lied about cancer in scam to raise money.”

Evangelicals have long run scams involving faith healing, but this unnamed priest collected money by falsely claiming he had cancer. At first he raised money from other priests, but then he used GoFundMe to broaden his reach.

While he lied about having cancer, he really was sick. He had AIDS, formerly known as ‘gay cancer.’ Priests have the home field advantage with this disease. Nothing is said about those he infected. Nor did the article mention how much he raised. I suspect many old-fashioned televangelists raise more, but they also have larger expenses. I suspect we will see more research in this promising domain.


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