More Church Debates on Homosexual Priests

The Catholic Church is still debating whether homosexuality has anything to do with priests’ tendency to rape little boys. The dominant theory in the Church is that it doesn’t. A controversial new study from a priest/sociologist claims homosexuality is a factor. But the Catholic Church seems hell-bent on employing gay priests.

You might ask how anyone in their right mind could believe that homosexuality is unrelated to raping boys. Church psychologists believe that such priests really aren’t homosexual. These psychologists claim that such priests are at an extremely primitive stage of psychosexual development in which their sexuality is essentially undefined. They may have extremely severe character disorders, but they are good enough to make it through seminaries and become good shepherds of the Church.

A controversial conservative Church group conducted the research which suggests that once homosexuals reach a critical mass, they have a greater tendency to abuse boys. There is no link to the research. Given the complexity of its claim about homosexuality being irrelevant until it reaches a critical mass, I think the finding is probably wrong, a spurious product of data mining. But Church discussions rarely revolve about logic and evidence.

I think the real question should be, Why is the Church so intent on defending homosexual clergy? Given that the Bible declares homosexuality to be an abomination and a capital crime punishable by stoning, you’d think the Church would make serious efforts to screen out homosexual applicants to priesthood and even dismiss homosexual priests. That’s still a lot nicer than stoning. But the late Richard Sipe, who spent decades studying the subject, believed that about 50% of priests are gay; many princes of the Church clearly are.

So you have the situation where the Catholic Church forbids men with AIDS from wearing condoms, creating thousands of new infections costing billions of dollars, all because of a silly encyclical Pope Paul VI published fifty years ago. But the Church ignores a capital crime forbidden by Holy Scripture, because many of its clergy are in a gay fraternity.


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