Yoga has ‘Demonic Roots’

The headline in The Christian Post: “Megachurch pastor says yoga has 'demonic roots,' 'diametrically opposed to Christianity'.” This is a popular evangelical theme. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, claims “yoga's spiritual and physical aspects can't be separated”; both are damnable Hindu practices. Theologian John Piper says yoga is “antithetical to a Christian understanding of God and the way He works in the world.”

John Lindell, the megachurch pastor in question, said “yoga positions were not designed by your local fitness instructor. They were designed and they were created with demonic intent to open you open up to demonic power. Because Hinduism is demonic. Every false religion is demonic.” He specifically said Buddhism is a demonic, false religion. He didn’t say whether Judaism, Roman Catholicism, or Greek or Russian Orthodox were similarly false, demonic religions. Are there false, non-demonic religions as well?

Pastor Lindell also says meditation is demonic, claiming it “lowers the mind gate that God has established for a spiritual preservation spiritually speaking for a person.” Anything mindful is clearly contrary to his evangelical theology.

The article reports that some evangelicals defend yoga: “The group Christians Practicing Yoga … argues that there is an ‘appropriateness in Christian spiritual practice of going to God the way God came to us: in and through a body.’” Similarly, Serita Jakes, wife of famous evangelist T.D. Jakes, is a yoga practitioner. Some claim to have developed Christian yoga: “Other Christian yoga programs include Yahweh Yoga, Christ Centered Yoga, and Holy Yoga. Christian actress, author and public speaker Janine Turner also sells a Christian yoga program, which she dubbed ‘Christoga.’”

While the article is full of charges, counter-charges, and claims, it is pretty much devoid of both evidence and reason. That’s to be expected of evangelicals. That’s why they still think Donald Trump is a genius who is making America great again.


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