Anne Graham Lotz Reads her own Entrails

In a mind-bogging display of hubris and nuttiness, Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, has not only declared herself a prophet but claims God is using her body like a voodoo doll to represent Israel: “Anne Graham Lotz warns her cancer could be sign Israel is in danger of fatal attack.”

Nearly all religious leaders among Jews, Christians, and Muslims agree that the prophetic age is far behind us, and that there have been no prophets for over a millennium. But Anne Graham Lotz believes she is a prophet. She believes that God is using her body to prophesy.

“she has long thought of herself and the modern state of Israel as ‘entwined,’ given that both are 70 years old, with the latter having been established in 1948.

The evangelist and author said she's questioning whether ‘there is more to my cancer at the age of 70 than just a random coincidence.’

She believes her cancer is an omen for Israel: “Just as my cancer struck suddenly and unexpectedly through no fault of my own, will Israel also be struck by her enemies suddenly and unexpectedly through no fault of her own?” Her prophecy: “Israel is in danger of a surprise attack in this, her 70th year.”

If she and Israel are “entwined,” the relationship should be symmetrical; events in Israel should also be reflected in her. When Israel won the six-day war in 1967, did Ms. Graham Lotz win some major championship? What was she doing when Israel stole much of the West Bank? How does she reflect Israel’s corruption scandals?

It seems the only reason Ms. Graham Lotz believes she is “entwined” with Israel is that both of them are 70 years old. Ms. Graham Lotz is apparently so completely self-centered and detached from reality that she is unaware that millions of other people were born 70 years ago. According to her theory, they should be every bit as entwined with Israel as she is. But the vast majority of them do not have cancer. What does that mean for Israel? What was the significance for Israel of Graham Lotz reaching menopause? What’s to become of Israel when Ms. Graham Lotz and her cohorts become increasingly senescent?

As far as I know, The Christian Post (CP) is the only paper that ran this story. It claims to be the world’s most popular evangelical newspaper. Even Christianity Today, the evangelical newspaper founded by her father Billy, wouldn’t run such nonsense. This was CP’s most popular story, a further indication of the mindlessness and gullibility of most evangelicals.


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