Italian Bishops Ignore Victims

Pope Francis asked the Italian bishops to create “guidelines for the protection of minors.” It seems incredible that he would ask Italy for such guidelines, given that this is a worldwide problem and that he appointed a special papal commission for such purposes over five years ago. But no one commented on that. The headline in CRUX: “Italian bishops refine anti-abuse guidelines without victim input.”

Father Stefano Russo, Secretary General of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, is in charge. The report is scheduled for release in May, and Father Russo has clear priorities: “Victims will have to wait until March” to meet the commission. NCR reports, “Victims of sexual abuse were expected to meet with the commission during its gathering, ‘but we preferred moving it because there wasn’t enough time,’ Russo said.” “Victims were not part of the process for the creation of the guidelines.” Father Russo said there was no need to listen to victims, because his in-house experts “know the victims and take into account their perspective.” (I can guarantee you that all our experts have taken it up the ass.)

You can’t make this stuff up! Pope Francis recruits Italian bishops to create child abuse guidelines, bypassing his own commission that has supposedly been working on this for over five years. His new commission immediately decides it will create guidelines without any input from victims. Pope Francis apparently likes this plan. If Father Russo is giving press conferences about it, it’s safe to assume he has papal approval. Keep in mind that Pope Francis worked on the abuse problem for years before meeting any victims.

The Church has mishandled their child abuse problem for decades. They have lost many court cases, and have earned the enmity of major countries, including Ireland, formerly the world’s most Catholic country. For decades, both critics and their own flock told them to listen to the victims. Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict, and Pope Francis have talked the talk.

But now that the crisis is worsening and Pope Francis is scrambling to get out of another shitstorm, he and his henchmen once again refuse to listen to the victims. Just about any idiot would know enough to meet with victims early on and then ignore them. Give victims as much credit for the guidelines as possible, since they will almost certainly fail.

Vast as the Vatican’s lack of decency and morality may be, its lack of intelligence is far greater. It’s a miracle. Or maybe just a circus of untrained fleas.


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