Push for Bible Classes in Public Schools

Trump is throwing another bone to his evangelical supporters: “Trump pushes bible classes in public schools, backs Project Blitz.” Both mainstream media and the religious press covered the story, but I've linked to FFRF (Freedom from Religion Foundation), as they document that this is part of broader program called Project Blitz. No other coverage I came across mentioned this.

The push for Bible classes is an attempt to rally the flock for another Holy War. You can never get enough wedge issues. In reality, anyone who made a serious attempt to teach the Bible would be fired. Its very first pages claim that the Creator created a flat earth, that stars are tiny and nearby, with an enormous body of water above them, separated from us by a firmament or diaphragm. Evangelicals much prefer thumping the Bible to reading it. They would riot if serious Bible classes were offered.

The Religious Right is always finding conspiracies. Vaccines are part of a conspiracy, as is climate change, etc. Secular humanists are generally lurking in the background, pulling the levers. They are often allied with international bankers, like the legendary elders of Zion.

This paranoia about conspiracies has been documented for over half a century. But I never thought about the corollary. They don’t take these conspiracies lying down. Out of “self-defense,” they launch their own massive efforts to oppose secular humanists. Project Blitz, which I’d never heard of, seems to be one of them. FFRF provides a link to a lengthy planning document. ALEC is an older, better-known effort to capture legislatures, etc. There is lots of money behind such efforts, since the Koch boys and others have shown that the resulting infrastructure can also be used for a variety of other, more profitable purposes. While the right-wing likes to complain about Soros fundings conspiracies, I know of no domestic left-wing efforts by Soros or anyone else that might act as a counterbalance.


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