Abuse Scandal in Mexico

Mexico, a bastion of Catholicism, has officially become part of the epidemic: “Mexican bishops confirm 152 priests removed for abusing minors.” The story had received surprisingly little attention. Some key points are buried in the coverage by the Catholic News Service.

Almost nothing is said about the history of the problem: “Past cases of sexual abuse committed by clergy have scandalized Mexico, but also brought accusations of covering up crimes and an unwillingness to acknowledge to the problem.” As always, the Church tried to cover up the problem. Only after an untold number of pederast priests were arrested and convicted did the Church make any attempt to go public. Needless to say, the Church is promising zero tolerance.

It is remarkable how little they learned from the scandals in the U.S. It’s not clear to what extent the persistent denial and cover-up was local or under the direction of the Vatican, which has received data on child abuse since the mid-1980s.

The article says nothing about the effects of the scandal on the laity, among the world's most faithful despite many years of abuse. Many emigrated to the United States and helped plug the gap created by the massive exodus of American Catholics. That replacement won’t continue on the same scale. Furthermore, ex-Mexicans living in the U.S. will loosen their ties to the Church; many of the young will leave it. My guess is that many in Mexico will check out Protestant churches for the first time.

The Vatican is fiddling while Rome burns. This is amazingly incompetent crisis management, not to mention its criminality and immorality.


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