Michael Brown on Morris Dees and the SPLC

Michael Brown is an alt-right columnist for The Christian Post (CP). He just wrote a hit piece on Morris Dees and his group: “The rise and fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

First, let me note that the SPLC identified Michael Brown as a hate-monger several years ago. Mr. Brown lacks the integrity to inform his readers of this.

Mr. Brown grudgingly acknowledges that Morris Dees and the SPLC did some good work years ago. In fact, they single handedly bankrupted the KKK through a series of law suits, and forced it to disband. When new organizations sprang up to take its place, Mr. Dees and the SPLC went after them as well. For decades, the SPLC was considered the go-to source for information on rightwing hate groups.

After perhaps forty years on the job, Mr. Dees blew some calls. In particular, he apparently confused a Muslim reformer for a dangerous radical. This is the source of several of Mr. Brown’s charges, though only once does he say it openly. But Michael Brown was mainly upset about SPLC identifying Christian hate groups, groups that Mr. Brown said were “mainstream, family-oriented, Christian ministries and organizations.”

The “family-oriented” group Michael Brown had in mind was the Family Research Council (FRC). When Brown charged the SPLC “had the blood of Christians on its hands,” he linked to another alt-right demagogue who complained of SPLC’s accusations against FRC. When Michael Brown called SPLC “most dangerous hate group in America” – his “proof” consisted of linking to one of his old articles that said so – without even mentioning that he was citing himself as proof.

Few would characterize FRC as “mainstream.” It got its start campaigning against the Equal Rights Amendment, claiming it would not only kill the family as we know it, it would pretty much lead to the end of civilization. FRC supported Operation Rescue, which was associated with illegal activities - including deadly violence - against clinics that performed abortions. Operation Rescue was shut down by the authorities. FRC continues to demagogue against women’s groups, gays, lesbians, and “liberals” – claiming, as does Michael Brown, that this is the will of God. You might quibble about calling FRC a hate group. It is less extreme than Christian Identity, Aryan Nations, and some others. But only if you’ve got blinders over your left eye could you call it mainstream.

Michael Brown Prophecies Divine Retribution

His prophecy:

The SPLC is coming down. Its luster is long gone, its power is waning, and the day will come when its massive bank accounts will run dry.


How can I be so sure?


It’s because the SPLC had set itself against God, determining that basic, historic biblical convictions are anathema.”

It’s amazing how many knaves and fools claim to know the mind of God. Jesus said the key commandments were to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Do these and your salvation is pretty much assured. Mr. Brown and his colleagues virtually never preach the Golden Rule - and routinely violate it.

Jesus condemned anger, comparing it to murder. He said not to criticize the splinter in someone else’s eye when you’ve got a log in your own. He said don’t judge lest you be judged. Yet this is practically all that Michael Brown does in his columns and his preaching. As SPLC charged, he is a hate-monger.

Instead of pounding the table about dubious biblical values, Mr. Brown and his Christian colleagues should pay a little more attention to Jesus’ basic teachings.


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