FLASH – God Authorizes Trump to Take Out North Korea

A Texas megachurch preacher just announced that God authorized Trump to “take out Kim Jong-Un” (here). RNS reports that Rev. Robert Jeffress is “one of the president’s key evangelical Christian advisers,” and “was a member of Trump’s evangelical advisory committee during the 2016 presidential election and since has attended several meetings of prominent evangelicals at the White House.” That is, one of Trump’s close evangelical advisors has told him God is okay with assassinating a foreign leader, and perhaps destroying a country in the process.

RNS doesn’t really comment on it, but if you read further in the article, Rev. Jeffress says God will approve of anything Trump wants to do: “the authority to do whatever, whether it’s assassination, capital punishment or evil punishment to quell the actions of evildoers.” This was not a divine revelation by Rev. Jeffress. He was citing scripture, Romans 13 – it was Paul’s divine revelation (which I discussed in Paul Revealed).

Rev. Jeffress was right, though he didn’t tell the whole truth. Paul said the ruler was God’s earthly representative – “God’s servant for your good.” Paul said the ruler deserves the complete support of his people in whatever he does, and that opposing him is equivalent to opposing God.

However, Rev. Jeffress seems to think this only applies to Donald Trump. But it applies equally well to Kim Jong-Un or Vladimir Putin. According to Paul, all rulers are God’s representatives. So God is also okay with Kim taking out Trump.

Rev. Jeffress must have only discovered Romans 13 recently, for it was not long ago that he was denouncing and opposing the incumbent President in no uncertain terms, thus earning God’s wrath. Alternatively, he may just lack integrity.

Paul’s evil gifts keep on giving. Romans 13 was used by the Ku Klux Klan to open its meetings, and was used to support a host of Christian despots, including Hitler. As Jesus said, by their fruit will you know them. Paul may have produced more rotten fruit than anyone else. Rev. Jeffress is an example.


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