Trump Generates Great Growth in Hate Groups

From NPR: “U.S. Hate Groups Rose 30 Percent In Recent Years, Watchdog Group Reports.” The “recent years” referred to are those of the Trump presidency. During the second term of Obama, there was a marked decrease in the number of hate groups. The “watchdog group” – SPLC – explicitly attributes the growth to Trump and his policies.

The article from SPLC (here) attributes the increase primarily to an increase in white supremacists. They also note a retaliatory increase in black supremacists. However, they also note an increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes. The surge in hatred is not simply racial. It resembles that of Christian Identity groups, though SPLC says very little about the make-up of these groups.

SPLC included a striking plot of the growth of hate groups since 1999. They doubled under George W. Bush, and then shrank about 10% under Obama – despite an initial increase under the nation’s first black president. Not only is there a surge under Trump, it looks like the trend is accelerating – though this uncertain.


I doubt whether we will see an FBI report on this anytime soon.


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